The Deep Dive is only available to speakers that have attended the APS introductory session and will take place once twenty delegates have registered their interest. 

3 events


Strictly 20 attendees only

Prior to COVID-19, the Academy of Professional Speakers designed various course grounded in the below three guiding principles
Understand how the speaking industry works and where to focus efforts for optimal results
  • A history of how the market has evolved and what the future holds.
  • Discover the key players in the sector.
  • Understand the mindset and characteristics of the different typology of clients, their needs and wants pre, during and post event.
Excel in how to market yourself as a speaker in a way that fits your key message and career aspirations
  • Discover marketing hacks to both obtain referrals, repeat bookings and higher fees.
  • Understand your niche, define the possibilities for you as a speaker and build your action plan
Unleash your potential as a speaker to land maximum positive impact and ultimate commercial success
  • Understand how to tap into the mindset of different audience typologies
  • Discover how to craft your presentation and deliver with the most powerful resonance
Since the pandemic, the virtual event space has offered us greater opportunity to customize and tailor our programs. The topics to be covered in each set of the three events will be tailored according to what speakers attending the course want to learn about. There will be an opportunity for all speakers to pre-select from any of the below modules and even request areas not covered:

Please register your interest for signing up to the deep dive course here, however, please remember this is strictly only available to delegates that have attended the APS introductory course.

Register your interest

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